Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Miele is a German, family owned brand and they make many different electrical products including several models of Miele vacuum cleaner. Miele is a well respected company and they won the award for the best company in Germany in 2007. Miele vacuum cleaners might not be the cheapest vacuums on the market but they are top quality, offer the best in cleaning power and many last for twenty years.

Miele vacuum cleaner types include upright vacuums, canisters, bagless styles and stick vacuum cleaners. Miele canister vacuum cleaners range from the Capricorn model which includes a HEPA filter, speed control from the hose and a selection of floor tools to make floor cleaning easier, to the Cat and Dog model which is able to eliminate pet odors and well as pick up their hairs.
These vacuum cleaners can clean any type of flooring from bare wood to deep pile carpet and the HEPA filter means that more than ninety nine percent of air particles are removed, which is great for allergy sufferers. Also, the bags used in the Miele vacuum cleaner are self-sealing and hygienic, designed to limit exposure to any dust or allergens inside.
Some of the Miele bagless vacuums feature a three and a half liter waste bin, which means that rather than having to buy and replace the bags, you can just empty the waste bin compartment when it gets full.
Miele also offers a choice of upright vacuum cleaners, such as the PowerHouse, which has a twelve inch cleaning path, HEPA filter to remove dust particles from the air and onboard cleaning tools. The uprights are suitable for low to medium pile carpeting or smooth flooring.
A stick vacuum cleaner is useful for cleaning smaller areas. Also this type of vacuum is easier to store. Miele stick vacuum cleaners can clean carpet or smooth floor. They come with a HEPA filter and tools for cleaning crevices and upholstery.
If you have a large home, the Miele S5 series is particular good because these models have dust bags which are almost five quarts in capacity.
Miele Vacuum Parts
If you buy a Miele vacuum cleaner you will find that it comes with a variety of accessories. Because Miele is a large company, it is usually easy enough to find a supplier if you need to replace any vacuum accessories. Miele vacuum bags are widely available for the vacuum cleaner models which use them and other Miele vacuum parts are available either through Miele direct or from a Miele supplier.
When you get a Miele vacuum cleaner, you will also get the option of which accessories you need with it. These Miele vacuum parts include extra brushes, a handheld, air-driven turbobrush (in addition to the electrically driven powerbrush), a micro clean tool set for delicate items such as electronics and a car clean kit.
Miele is a respected brand and offers a large selection of top quality vacuum cleaners with all the useful features and accessories you will need. Miele vacuums remove tiny dust particles from the air with their HEPA filters as well as leaving your carpets and flooring spotless.

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