Miele Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele is a German, family owned brand and they make many different electrical products including several models of Miele vacuum cleaner. Miele is a well respected company and they won the award for the best company in Germany in 2007. Miele vacuum cleaners might not be the cheapest vacuums on the market but they are top quality, offer the best in cleaning power and many last for twenty years.

Miele vacuum cleaner types include upright vacuums, canisters, bagless styles and stick vacuum cleaners. Miele canister vacuum cleaners range from the Capricorn model which includes a HEPA filter, speed control from the hose and a selection of floor tools to make floor cleaning easier, to the Cat and Dog model which is able to eliminate pet odors and well as pick up their hairs.
These vacuum cleaners can clean any type of flooring from bare wood to deep pile carpet and the HEPA filter means that more than ninety nine percent of air particles are removed, which is great for allergy sufferers. Also, the bags used in the Miele vacuum cleaner are self-sealing and hygienic, designed to limit exposure to any dust or allergens inside.
Some of the Miele bagless vacuums feature a three and a half liter waste bin, which means that rather than having to buy and replace the bags, you can just empty the waste bin compartment when it gets full.
Miele also offers a choice of upright vacuum cleaners, such as the PowerHouse, which has a twelve inch cleaning path, HEPA filter to remove dust particles from the air and onboard cleaning tools. The uprights are suitable for low to medium pile carpeting or smooth flooring.
A stick vacuum cleaner is useful for cleaning smaller areas. Also this type of vacuum is easier to store. Miele stick vacuum cleaners can clean carpet or smooth floor. They come with a HEPA filter and tools for cleaning crevices and upholstery.
If you have a large home, the Miele S5 series is particular good because these models have dust bags which are almost five quarts in capacity.
Miele Vacuum Parts
If you buy a Miele vacuum cleaner you will find that it comes with a variety of accessories. Because Miele is a large company, it is usually easy enough to find a supplier if you need to replace any vacuum accessories. Miele vacuum bags are widely available for the vacuum cleaner models which use them and other Miele vacuum parts are available either through Miele direct or from a Miele supplier.
When you get a Miele vacuum cleaner, you will also get the option of which accessories you need with it. These Miele vacuum parts include extra brushes, a handheld, air-driven turbobrush (in addition to the electrically driven powerbrush), a micro clean tool set for delicate items such as electronics and a car clean kit.
Miele is a respected brand and offers a large selection of top quality vacuum cleaners with all the useful features and accessories you will need. Miele vacuums remove tiny dust particles from the air with their HEPA filters as well as leaving your carpets and flooring spotless.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

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For over 80 years, the Kirby name has been synonymous with high-end vacuum cleaners and their accessories and today, the Cleveland, Ohio company continues to make models that still retain the nostalgic look from years ago. Their vacuums have also gained the reputation of lasting for quite a while, so long, in fact, that they are often said to be passed down from one generation to the next.
New Kirby vacuum cleaners are only sold through independent distributors who are authorized by The Kirby Company to sell their products, although used models are readily available. The company continues to boast a rather unique quality in that they are the only manufacturer to still sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Both Kirby cleaner bags and Kirby cleaner parts are sold through the company as well as through retailers and vendors that sell vacuums and their accessories.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
When searching for the best vacuum cleaner rating, models made by Kirby routinely appear as some of the highest rated and longest lasting of all brands of vacuums ever made. The most talked about features include the Kirby’s ability to remove dirt that other vacuums leave behind
Kirby G4 Bagged Upright Vacuum Review
On average, the Kirby G4, made from 1993 to 1997, received four out of a possible five stars and was noted for its powerful suction action, its carpet shampooing system, and the various attachments such as the turbo brush for lifting carpet pile and removing deep, down dirt. Kirby G4 vacuum bags are easy to change and are available wherever most vacuum accessories are sold.
Kirby G5 Bagged Upright Vacuum Review
The G5, made from 1997 to 1999, is colored burgundy and gray and also scored four out of five stars in reviews similar to the G4. The only downfalls of this particular unit are its heavy weight and expensive price tag, even on used models, although users did routinely report that the vacuum performed excellently. Kirby G5 vacuum cleaner bags are said to hold a large amount of dirt but yet also last for quite a while before needing to be replaced.
Kirby G6 Bagged Upright Vacuum Review
Also known as the Kirby GSix, which includes the G2000 and the G2001 which were made from 1999 to 2002, this bagged upright model scored a perfect five out of five stars in consumer reviews, despite the machine’s heavy weight, which is the only con noted other than the amount of assembly needed.
Kirby GSix HEPA filter vacuum cleaner bags help to capture allergens and are said to improve the air quality. And, although the Kirby Ultimate G model was released in 2002 and 2003, later than all three of the Kirby G4, G5, and G6 vacuum cleaners, most of the Kirby Ultimate G vacuum bags are conveniently able to be used in the G6 Kirby vacuum, so there is very little chance that you will not be able to find the right type of bag for your Kirby GSix vacuum cleaner.
Overall, the general consensus based on many user reviews and comments is that Kirby makes some of the very best carpet vacuum cleaners available on the market today. The Kirby vacuum parts are durable, easy to maintain and they may last as long as a few decades or more. Hopefully, after reading these Kirby vacuum reviews and information, you will be able to choose the best Kirby vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

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The Hoover Company started life as an American floor care company and grew so rapidly that the word “Hoover” is interchangeable with the words “vacuum cleaner” in many places. Hoover vacuum cleaners are known all over the world and offer great cleaning and reliability.
There are many different Hoover vacuum models available, including the popular SteamVac and FloorMate designs. The Hoover SteamVac uses water and detergent to shampoo carpets and this machine is able to penetrate deeply into the carpet and remove ground in dirt. The Hoover FloorMate vacuums, washes and dries bare floors and this model is one of the best selling hard floor cleaners in the United States.

Types of Hoover Vacuums
As well as being able to choose from different Hoover models, there are different designs on offer, depending on how big your house is, what type of flooring you want to clean and what type of vacuum you prefer.
A Hoover central vacuum is the largest type of vacuum. This is where there is a central motor and dirt bag in a building and various places to plug in appliances and a hose. A Hoover commercial vacuum is ideal for large offices or commercial buildings and these vacuum cleaners come with long power cords and vacuum cleaner tools.
Upright and Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Some people prefer to use a Hoover upright vacuum and others prefer a Hoover canister vacuum. In the past, upright vacuums were for carpet and canister styles were for hard floors but that is no longer the case today, as newer models are appearing and offering more features. Canister vacuum cleaners tend to be more expensive but they are quieter to use and are great on hard surfaces and stairs. Hoover bagless vacuum cleaners make life easier still, since you do not have to change bags or find a supplier when you run out.
Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner
One of the most powerful Hoover models on the market is the Hoover WindTunnel vacuum cleaner. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a built in HEPA filter to trap pollen and dust mites. This Hoover has eight different heights so you can clean anything from bare floors to deep carpet. It has incredible suction power and is one of the best Hoover models you can buy. The Hoover WindTunnel comes as an upright or as a canister style vacuum cleaner.
Hoover Filters and Accessories
You will need to buy Hoover vacuum filters or Hoover vacuum HEPA filters if you are using a Hoover because these filters need to be replaced every so often to keep your vacuum cleaner working well. Hoover filters come in many different shapes and sizes because there is a Hoover vacuum filter for every Hoover model. Hoover vacuum filters usually need to be replaced once every three to six months, depending on your usage.
If you have a Hoover vacuum cleaner, it will probably come with a variety of Hoover vacuum parts, such as bags, belts and other accessories. Since Hoover is such a large company, finding a new Hoover part should be quick and easy.
Millions of people own Hoover vacuum cleaners and many would never change to another brand because Hoover is a leader in the field of vacuum cleaners and their products leave your floors truly clean.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuum cleaners were born out of necessity. James Dyson invented the vacuum in 1978 and named it after himself. Due to problems he was having vacuuming his own floors he recognized the need for a vacuum that would not lose suction and clog constantly. When he could get no one interested in his product, he decided to patent it himself.
Dyson makes several vacuums including hand-helds, such as the Dyson DC16 Handheld Root 6 for cleaning your car. This model is one of the best hand vacuum cleaners on the market today. Two more types that are lightweight and easy to store are the Dyson DC21 Stowaway Vacuum Cleaner and the Dyson Slim Vacuum Cleaner. If you are looking for the best cleaner for your home, office, or automobile Dyson has one for the job.
Today Dyson is known for the best commercial vacuum cleaners available. They use parts that were designed to last, one reason the Dyson name is known for being the best cleaner when it comes to vacuums. Let us take a look at some of the most popular Dyson vacuums.
Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson DC07 All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum has all the accessories you will need to clean your home. On-board tools keep them handy for use as you need them. A wide vacuum path allows for cleaning larger areas. Ease of handling is another plus. The DC07 does not use vacuum bags so there is no need to run all over town chasing them down. A lifetime HEPA filter cuts down drastically on pollutants in the air. With a 5 year warranty this is an affordable vacuum that will keep your floors looking spotless.
Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson DC14 Bagless Cyclonic Upright Vacuum is one of the vacuums that are manufactured for people who have pets. The accessories that come with this vacuum are great for cleaning pet hair. They also have attachments that can get into low places such as under furniture. A hand held tool that works like a small head is just what is needed for cleaning the furniture that may have cat or dog hair in the cushions. A carpet care kit which works like dry cleaning your carpet is included. A click of a button extends the wand up to 17 feet for easier cleaning of things that may be out of reach.

Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC15 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum is another of the ones that are made for cleaning a home that has pets. The super cleaning power is augmented by a ball instead of wheels. This allows the vacuum to maneuver around furniture and other items with a greater ease than regular vacuums. Also adding more suction power to pick up virtually everything in its path, this Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner is unlike any other vacuum you will ever use. A dirt cup eliminates the mess of bags. A 5 year warranty as with most Dyson vacuums includes parts and labor. A simple to use dial for changing from head use to non-head use are part of the package this vacuum offers.
The Dyson Upright Vacuum is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The air that this vacuum puts out contains less bacteria and mold than is in the air that you breathe everyday. One-hundred and fifty times less, according to statistics from studies that have been done on the Dyson vacuum cleaner. No wonder they are ranked as one of the best commercial vacuum cleaner names known today.
Dyson uses the Root Cyclone system, which achieves a higher suction power and more dirt and debris are picked up than with a regular vacuum. The spinning of the air creates centrifugal force and the dirt is literally thrown out of the air. No clogging because there is nothing to clog make this vacuum totally different from any other vacuum. This is a major advantage over conventional bag vacuum cleaners which clog and lose suction frequently. When James Dyson took on the task of developing the best vacuum, surpassing all others when it comes to cleaning, his efforts were a success.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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How To Choose The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuums are a bit different than regular vacuums that people use in their homes. The main difference is that these vacuums are designed to be used for longer periods of time than general household vacuum cleaners. While most home vacuums only are used for an hour or so each week, most commercial vacuums must be able to operate at least 15 hours a week, and many times even more. So, they are designed to have heavy plates on the bottom, a special bypass motor system, and a thick, heavy cord as well.
Of course if you take a look at commercial vacuums, you will find that there are many different brands and styles to choose from, and they come in various price ranges as well. If you are planning to purchase one of these vacuums and you want to make sure you find the best commercial vacuum for your needs, here are a few tips that will help

Tip 1 - Consider the Use of the Vacuum
- First you want to consider the use of the commercial vacuum. Will you be using the vacuums for house cleaning jobs or are you planning on cleaning a huge commercial building? Consider the carpet pile as well, and whether or not you may need to have tools on your vacuum as well.

Tip 2 - Decide the Type of Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
- There are different types of commercial vacuum cleaners available in the market such as the wet and dry vacuums, upright vacuums, backpack vacuums and the canister vacuums. Decide which one is best for your needs before buying.
Tip 3 - Decide Who Will Use the Commercial Vacuum 
- Also decide who will use the commercial vacuum too. If you have employees who will be using it, can you trust them to use it correctly or will they need some special training. In many case an “idiot proof” vacuum is a great choice if many employees will be using it.
Tip 4 - Consider if You Need a HEPA filter 
- If you are using a commercial vacuum in a dusty environment, look for vacuum cleaners that come with HEPA filters. The HEPA filter traps the fine particles like bacteria, pollen and dust mite which may trigger allergy symptoms and health problems.
Tip 5 - Consider the Weight of Vacuum Cleaner 
- Look for vacuum cleaners that are lightweight and easy to handle if you are concerned with the heavy weight of some of the more powerful models.
Tip 6 - Buy From a Reputable Manufacturer
- Buying from a reputable manufacturer is a must if you do not want the hassle of having a vacuum cleaner that breaks down very often. There are many well established brands like Oreck, Dyson, Kirby, Hoover and Miele to choose from. You can also read vacuum cleaner reviews from our site to find out which vacuum cleaner suits you best.

Central Vacuum Cleaner

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How To Choose The Best Central Vacuum Cleaner

Central vacuums have become quite popular in today’s world, especially among people who want to make cleaning their home a bit easier. With a central vacuum system, you will not have to drag a heavy vacuum around, which is especially helpful if you have a two story home. These vacuums remove the dirt in your home and it is sent through tubes located in your walls to a special receptacle

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Bagless vacuum cleaners are exactly what the name implies. Instead of having to change the bag, the vacuum uses an integrated cylinder to collect the dirt and you simply remove it, empty, and replace. Before vacuum cleaners were so modern, the bag was actually a cloth type bag. It was designed to be removed, cleaned, and replaced. These bags were made to keep the dirt inside until it was emptied however, they did allow dust particles to get through which over time would wear the vacuum motor down.

Best Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

A good example of today’s bagless vacuums is the Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It is an upright vacuum with a dirt cup that is easy to empty. It has a 12-amp motor with an added bonus of a Dirt Lifter brush system that is a powerful dirt lifter. This vacuum uses a cyclonic technology for cleaning which allows for better suction by increasing the airflow. In turn, this keeps the filters from accumulating dirt too fast and allows for better cleaning. This vacuum is very affordable at approximately $129. The bagless vacuum reviews for this one have been great and this is one of the best bissell vacuum models.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

When deciding which type of vacuum to purchase, you will need to choose between the bagless and the bag type. Which is better? For one, the bagless variety eliminates the need to purchase expensive bags. By simply emptying a cup, your vacuum is clean and ready to go again. It is frustrating to be in the middle of cleaning and your bag gets full. You know you should have more vacuum bags but they are nowhere to be found. So your choice is either run to the store and buy more bags or just stop cleaning altogether. This can be eliminated by purchasing a vacuum with a bagless cleaning system.
One of the advantages of a bag vacuum is there is less contact with the dirt. The bag keeps it contained for ease of disposal. The price of both types varies and one is no more expensive than the other is. There are several vacuums that are priced under $100, but many are over $100. The choice of a bagged vacuum or no bag is entirely up to the user. The basic advantage of using a bagless vacuum is the ease of use. You do not have to run out for bags in the middle of a big cleaning project.
Electrolux, Hoover, Eureka, and Bissell make a few other bagless vacuums that are quite efficient and easy to use. These vacuums are available as bagless and many have the HEPA filtration system. Bagless vacuum cleaner reviews have rated these vacuums in the top rankings.
Bagless HEPA vacuum cleaners is becoming more popular as the HEPA filters can trap fine particles that may cause problems for allergy sufferers. The HEPA system is designed to remove allergens and dust mites from your home thus eliminating problems for allergy sufferers. Many people have reported the improvement in their allergies after using a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.
Two very good choices when it comes to vacuums are the Eureka Superlite Bagless and the Bissell Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The Eureka is a good value for the money. Ranging from $49 to a little over $52, this vacuum has a clear dirt cup so you can see what you are picking up and a clean air system. A revolving brush increases the dirt pick-up and a two motor system makes this a strong vacuum. This bagless vacuum rating is ranked high in customer satisfaction.
The Bissell Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner starts at around $99. This bagless cleaner has a HEPA filtration system and an adjustment for cleaning carpet or bare floors. A detachable hose for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots is standard. It has 12 amps of power and a cleaning system designed to prolong the life of the motor. It has a very good bagless vacuum rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.