Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Company started life as an American floor care company and grew so rapidly that the word “Hoover” is interchangeable with the words “vacuum cleaner” in many places. Hoover vacuum cleaners are known all over the world and offer great cleaning and reliability.
There are many different Hoover vacuum models available, including the popular SteamVac and FloorMate designs. The Hoover SteamVac uses water and detergent to shampoo carpets and this machine is able to penetrate deeply into the carpet and remove ground in dirt. The Hoover FloorMate vacuums, washes and dries bare floors and this model is one of the best selling hard floor cleaners in the United States.

Types of Hoover Vacuums
As well as being able to choose from different Hoover models, there are different designs on offer, depending on how big your house is, what type of flooring you want to clean and what type of vacuum you prefer.
A Hoover central vacuum is the largest type of vacuum. This is where there is a central motor and dirt bag in a building and various places to plug in appliances and a hose. A Hoover commercial vacuum is ideal for large offices or commercial buildings and these vacuum cleaners come with long power cords and vacuum cleaner tools.
Upright and Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Some people prefer to use a Hoover upright vacuum and others prefer a Hoover canister vacuum. In the past, upright vacuums were for carpet and canister styles were for hard floors but that is no longer the case today, as newer models are appearing and offering more features. Canister vacuum cleaners tend to be more expensive but they are quieter to use and are great on hard surfaces and stairs. Hoover bagless vacuum cleaners make life easier still, since you do not have to change bags or find a supplier when you run out.
Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner
One of the most powerful Hoover models on the market is the Hoover WindTunnel vacuum cleaner. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a built in HEPA filter to trap pollen and dust mites. This Hoover has eight different heights so you can clean anything from bare floors to deep carpet. It has incredible suction power and is one of the best Hoover models you can buy. The Hoover WindTunnel comes as an upright or as a canister style vacuum cleaner.
Hoover Filters and Accessories
You will need to buy Hoover vacuum filters or Hoover vacuum HEPA filters if you are using a Hoover because these filters need to be replaced every so often to keep your vacuum cleaner working well. Hoover filters come in many different shapes and sizes because there is a Hoover vacuum filter for every Hoover model. Hoover vacuum filters usually need to be replaced once every three to six months, depending on your usage.
If you have a Hoover vacuum cleaner, it will probably come with a variety of Hoover vacuum parts, such as bags, belts and other accessories. Since Hoover is such a large company, finding a new Hoover part should be quick and easy.
Millions of people own Hoover vacuum cleaners and many would never change to another brand because Hoover is a leader in the field of vacuum cleaners and their products leave your floors truly clean.


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